Monday 18 January 2010

13 February 2010, Food, Glorious Food! event, Iniva, followed bydinner at Zengi

Meal at Zengi after the food event

Falafel later at Zengi, the food and staff were divine, bring your own bottle.

Rivington Place
Rivington Street

Dinner at Zengi,
Turkish restaurant
44 Commercial St
E1 6LT

Food, Glorious Food
Iniva, Rivington Place, Saturday 13th of February, 16.00-18.00, free

Artists Mad for Real, Bobby Baker, Blanch and Shock, Richard DeDomenici, DoEAT, Antonia Grant, Scottee, Shabnam Shabazi, Caroline Smith, Superflex, Ali Zaidi and Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour will present, for the time it takes to boil an egg, polemics about the political meanings of food in their work. Free, open to the public.



The event was interesting since food was approached through various concerns and practices, the discussion was too short, but opened up questions around the consumers/artists responsibilities /ethics in relation to the boycott of Israeli goods, and going to Maoz (uses Israeli products in principle) for falafel, for example, or going to multinationals like Starbucks. We also touched upon the need to de-pathologise our attitudes to food, and how safe is it to eat stuff other than food, for the sake of art, like make up.
At the dinner the atmosphere was really warm, we were worried that all these big personalities put together could make it intense :) but in fact it was totally relaxed.

Larissa's and Oreet's presentation with this blog, with Andrew Mitchelson from the Live Arts Development Agency, we could not have done it without him.

Mad for Real showing a video of a Soya and Ketchup fight.

Bobby Baker, conceptually boiling an egg, and talking about tattooed eyebrows after chemotherapy, the egg had eyebrows drawn on with a permanent marker.

Caroline Smith asked us to watch her eating with love in our eyes.

Richard DeDomenici miraculously managed to present for exactly five minutes, the time it takes to boil an egg.

Antonia Grant, who used to be a chef, and is now an artist.

A Skype conversation with Rasmus from Superflex, whilst he is at a dinner party in Stockholm.

Shabnam Shabazi eating pistachios and pouring the brown mass from her mouth into an A4 paper to create a map in the shape of Iran.


  1. We'd like to book: Chloé Déchery + Chris Eley.

  2. I'd like to book please: Gail Burton

  3. I'd like to book two please:
    Simon Porter
    Nicola O'Brien
    Looking forward to it...

  4. hi all, this meal is open to every one, it is in Iniva in a room that holds 40 people, so please just come along. The other meals need booking
    see you there