Monday 18 January 2010

25 February 2010, Thursdays@Artsadmin

Hoxton Beach, who liked our entry in the blog about them, gave us a really good deal on falafel; we had tahini in the plastic bottles and green chillies ; nothing else.

Open Studio
Arts Bar & Café
Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
E1 6AB

At the end of the residency Ashery and Sansour share the project in the form of an open studio event at the Arts Bar and Café, Toynbee Studios.


Getting ready for the night.
In the café we had a menu with 20 meals and 7 films from the call out, people choose which meal they wanted to watch and Edd screened the footage he edited from that particular meal. It was a busy night. Many people commented on how they felt it will be great to edit and subtitle the footage from the meals and make into a film essay type thing, we agree. However, we need some distance from it for now, time for reflection.

Getting the studio ready.

In the studio we had falafels, good quality raspberry cake and drinks. We projected the blog, and showed FOOD film by Gordon Matta-Clark. James (Vacuum Cleaner) in particular, spent a long time reading the whole blog; he commented that projecting it was a good way of reading it.

Katy helping, we only had images of the receipt we had from each meal we did not want to print any images from the meals, since they are all in the blog.