Monday 18 January 2010

17 February 2010, Falafel King, Leather Lane market

Lebanese corner shop with a falafel counter
93 Leather Lane



In Falafel King you get a wrap for £3.00, it has something like garlic salad dressing in it, and a lot of onions, very nice. The falafel is green inside. When we asked Muhammad if Israel stole the falafel from the Palestinians he said - of course they did, they stole everything from us, you know that! Muhammad and his brother used to run the same cafe in leather lane, and then his brother moved down the road and opened another one, called happy bagel. They are both Palestinians and lived in Lebanon before coming here; both are trained as engineers.


Simon Porter will come on Monday the 22nd, due to a change of venue on our part.


  1. I'd like to come please!
    Simon Porter

  2. dear Simon porter can you please email us your email to or here if you don't mind to be public about it.

    we might change this location... so will let you know

    see you

  3. Dear Simon could you please contact me on about the meal, we need to change this one.