Monday 18 January 2010

23 February 2010, Politics: Here and Away, Serpentine Gallery Edgware

Getting ready with footage

51-53 Edgware Road, Marble Arch, London, W2 2HZ

Student activists from Goldsmiths College, The London Institute, and others, with Jacqueline Rose, Profession of English at Queen Mary University and an active member of Independent Jewish Voices are invited for a discussion around the ways in which Middle East politics resonate in London.

Serpentine Gallery link to event


It will be impossible to trace the line of the conversation that took place that night. However the space was fantastic for such an event, it is a space that the Serpentine wants to build regular relationships with for future events.
The atmosphere was relaxed yet engaged. Many people spoke and there was a sense of deep analysis. Rose’s contribution was invaluable, together with the students; it was an extremely rewarding panel for us. One question that particularly stood out for us, from Sophie Hope, was how do we frame our political stand in art and research funding applications. The format of the night - clips from the meals combined with discussion over each clip - proves to be very useful.

Restaurant owner Andil responds to the conversation and adds that if only Israel used falafel as weapons, instead of killing civilians. We could use this as one of our concept for the Falafel fight on the 25th…

Jacqueline Rose and Hamja Ahsan

Showing clips from various meals


  1. Two spaces please, for Mira M and Lidija H

  2. Two places for Shiri Shalmy and Tom Berger

  3. Sheyma B is looking forward to seeing you there.

  4. a Space for Riffat Ahmed please!!

  5. looking forwards to see you all at Al Shishawi ( it is not at the serpentine gallery)
    please come a little before 7 to avoid disappointment