Monday 18 January 2010

24 February 2010, Planet Organic

Health Food Shop
22 Torrington Place


We met with six 17 years old young women who are part of an educational project at Tate Britain about art from and about the Middle East.
The falafel wraps in Planet Organic are from Hoxton beach, so we have already tasted those fresh in our third meal.

One of the girls who came to the meal never had a falafel before, this was her first falafel ever!

We asked the girls if they were to represent Palestine through photography how would they do it, to which one replied that maybe through an image of someone throwing a stone, or praying. We spoke about how these are the prevailing images of Palestine in the west and how those could be challenged. The young women came with some great suggestions about photographing everyday life, personal stories and games, so that the images are more positive and evoke empathy, rather than sympathy.

To the question whether they thought Falafel Road is an art piece. They all had articulated answers about how art today is all about trying things out, about involving the public, about experimental forms of art and about politics. We were reassured to hear them reflecting on contemporary art practices in this way.

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  1. with Nora Razian and young people at Tate Britain program about art and the Middle east.